Garage Storage Solutions

The garage is one place within the home that always tends to be messy and cluttered. With Amazing Closets, it no longer needs to be that way. The garage is one place where organization adds tremendous value. We offer everything you need to store and organize your power tools, sports equipment and more. Amazing Closets offers a place for shovels, hockey sticks and solutions for heavy duty items like ladders. A brief list of our categories include:
⦁ Utility hooks
⦁ Storage bins
⦁ Handles in many sizes and styles
⦁ Soft-close steel hinges
⦁ Adjustable shelves
⦁ Drawers
⦁ Cabinets
⦁ Workbench options

Amazing Closets also offers two different varieties of garage cabinet doors: hinged cabinet doors with interior mounted steel hinges as well as a dual-track sliding cabinet door system which allows for easy access. These options are great when it comes to garages that are working with a smaller space.
Our cabinets are custom built to any height, depth or width, in order to provide our customers a unique design that fits all needs. All of our cabinets are securely mounted in order to protect belongings from pests and water. We offer many cabinet options, however, the two most popular are the Thermally Fused Laminate Cabinets and Powder Coated Cabinets.

Thermally Fused Laminate Cabinets

Thermally Fused Laminate Cabinets are moisture resistant, stain resistant and even chip resistant. This ensures they will last through any temperature change or any heavy use they are put through. There are many colours and sizes to choose from, so contact us today.

Powder Coated Cabinets

Amazing Closets offers an extensive inventory of garage cabinet solutions. Powder Coated Cabinets allow for a fully encapsulated level of protection. This type of finish is widely known for being environmentally resistant which makes it very durable when compared to alternative finishes or liquid paint. To choose a finish, contact us today.

Get access to the ultimate inventory of garage cabinet solutions when you work with Amazing Closets.


Windswept Pewter
Windswept Bronze

Garage Epoxy Flooring

Be proud of your garage– it can be stylish, organized and functional. Amazing Closets uses a multi-layer application process to ensure maximum performance. Amazing Closets also uses a high-gloss shine to achieve longevity. Impact and abrasion resistant, our floors can handle it all. Benefits of Epoxy Flooring include:

⦁ Quick installation time
⦁ Chip resistant
⦁ Peel resistant
⦁ Fade resistant
⦁ Non-hazardous
⦁ 100 percent UV-protected