Adjust as You Go

freedomRail offers the flexibility and ease to change components to fit your active lifestyle, without any tools. Transform the look and function of any storage space simply by moving or adding hang space, shelves, and baskets.

Best-in-Class Strength

Designed with up to 50% more steel than most systems to keep up with active families. The strength and engineering of freedomRail gives you the ultimate versatility. Other rail-based organization systems use less steel and have limited adjustability.

Make the Right Move

Choose the best. Only freedomRail has total adjustability, superior strength and premium quality. Once you’ve used freedomRail, no other storage solution compares.

Simple in Design

The Rail is attached to the wall and from that Rail, Uprights hang vertically. All shelving, hanging rods and accessories hook easily into place from the Uprights. Instantly move the components on the Uprights, and the Uprights along the Rail, for a truly adjustable storage solution.